Guild Wars 2 Domination – Why Is This The #1 GW Leveling Guide?

Guild Wars 2 Domination

Guild Wars 2 Domination

In this post we are going to look at GW2 Domination and whether or not you need a guide for the game. The truth you don’t NEED a guide for the game! You can log on and work out the quests as well as the builds for each profession on your own.

However before you start nodding and saying “I knew it was a scam!” Bear with us because that is not to say that a guide cannot help you.

It ALL comes down to how you want to play the game.

If you are happy working it out on your own and you don’t really want to rush to level 80 than guide might not be the best for you. However if you are aching to get the best builds for your profession and the best gear as well as level up fast than a good guide can help.

GW2 Domination is the top guide for Guild Wars 2 as it gives you everything you need to dominate the game from a beginners guide to a speed leveling guide and builds for all professions.

The cool thing is that the bulk of the guide will take you step by step through the game so it is still fun to play and the only difference that you will notice is that you don’t have any “down time!”

Everything that you do following the guide will give you the fastest route through the game. The best bit is that it gives you the latest builds in both written and video format so you can level up and take on a ton of mobs with ease!

Although you don’t strictly need a guide for Guild Wars 2 if you are struggling or you just want the edge in PVP, Leveling or learn how to get rich at the Trading Post it is well worth a look:


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