Guild Wars 2 Warrior “Balanced” Leveling Build

by admin on December 4, 2012

In this post we are sticking with the Warrior and giving you another balanced leveling build. You can check out the high damage leveling build for the Warrior and the Dungeon build if you are looking for something a bit different but this build will help you if you want a solid balanced build.

Although it is not as high damage or as defensive as some builds it gives you the opportunity to switch roles and is very versatile.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior “Balanced” Leveling Build

This build takes advantage of the Great sword which is a very reliable weapon for the Warrior and when paired up with the Longbow it gives you some decent Ranged abilities as well.

You also have a mix of shouts and banners which allow you to swap between tanking, support or even a ranged juggernaut.

The Healing Surge ability will help build your adrenaline and for support you have the two banners as well as the shout that will help give you and your team boons to increase damage.

For your Traits you have skills such as powerful banners that will give you a bit of damage for summoning banners and Slashing Power to make the most of your great sword.

Arms are maxed out and will increase your critical hit chance and your general damage as well. The Tactics skills will increase the power of your boons depending on which ones you have active at the time.

If you are looking for a complete leveling guides and builds for all professions check out our review of the Gw2 Domination Guide.


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