Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Leveling Build

by admin on October 1, 2012

GW2 Mesmer Leveling Build

GW2 Mesmer Leveling Build

In this post we are going to give you a decent leveling build that you can use for the Mesmer in Guild Wars 2. This build will take advantage of the illusions at your disposal and is actually quite an advanced build. You can see our other Mesmer build HERE.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Leveling Build


Primary: Greatsword

Secondary: Staff

Greatsword will be your primary damage dealing and “safe” events weapon. You will typically switch to staff during more difficult encounters, or when greatsword skills are on cooldown and you need to produce clones/illusions.

Healing & Utilities:

Ether Feast will typically be your largest heal (especially with illusions up), but Mirror is a viable choice as well due to the reflection and slightly shorter cooldown.

You can easily adapt your utilities to suit certain combat situations, but in general the most effective setup will be:

Decoy – a great survivability and illusion-generating spell at all levels.

Phantasmal Defender – similar to the above, but adds a small amount of damage as well. You can use Signet of Inspiration or Blink if needed until you unlock this ability.

Signet of Illusions – increases your illusions’ health, making them more resilient and capable of taking more hits for you before dying.

Time Warp – a solid elite skill for all situations. Replace with a racial ability if you prefer.


Chaos – the first tree you’ll want to fill out. It gives you much needed survivability in your early levels, and several useful supplemental effects.

Domination – the second tree to fill out. Increases power and condition duration. Overall boosts your damage output and adds some helpful effects.

Illusions – the final tree you will fill out. Increases your condition damage and reduces the cooldown of your shatter skills (referred to as “shredding recharge rate”). Improves your Mind Wrack more still, and reduces your illusion summoning skills’ cooldowns.

For A COMPLETE Leveling Guide To Guild Wars 2 And A Full Set Of Builds Check Out The Review Of Guild Wars 2 Domination.


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