Guild Wars 2 Guardian Leveling Build

by admin on September 23, 2012

In this post we are going to give you a build for the Guild Wars 2 Guardian profession and this profession is probably the closest thing you can get to a support class in the game. While all the professions you can use for any type of gameplay such as Tanking, DPS etc… the Guardian is a purely defensive profession.

This build will give you a high damage build while being able to take a lot of damage at the same time.

If you are thinking of mostly leveling up playing solo then we recommend that you pick this profession and use this build:


Sword and Focus

These weapons will be used at the start of the fight to provide more defense and blinding abilities to get you in close.

2H Sword

This is used at the end of a fight to deal the massive damage you need to finish off your opponents.

Using the Build

Start off your fight using Flashing Blade to get in close to the enemy and blind them to your attacks. From there you should be using Ray of Judgment to extend the blindness and switch over to your Greatsword. Now use Leap of Faith to blind them yet again and attack them with Whirling Wrath to severely weaken them and finish off stragglers with Binding Blade. Switch to Virtue of Justice for an additional blind if you are ever taking too much damage.

This combination is very effective because the enemy is blinded for most of the fight while you are dishing out damage.











Trait Progression Order

  1. 10 in Zeal
  2. 5 in Radiance
  3. 10 in Honor
  4. 10 in Zeal
  5. 5 in Virtues
  6. 10 in Zeal
  7. 10 in Honor
  8. 10 in Virtues


This is your main damage dealing tree and it is important to get points into it early. Each point enhances the amount of damage that you will deal. Get the Fiery Wrath ability to take advantage of the burns that you place on the enemy with Virtue of Justice. Greatsword Power and Focused Mastery are both essential for increasing your overall damage.


You are putting five points into this tree for the additional blind and that is all.


Honor is your key to having useful self-heals and it will enable you to dish out more pain when you have Two-Handed Mastery with it. This is an important tree to rely on but you will not have to build it up until later in the game.


Virtues are the passive buffs that will help you achieve high damage and survivability with this build. Not only will you receive a Might boost while using Virtue of Justice, but you also get a nice boost to your other virtues as well. Add Resolute as your skill in the Virtues tree to boost your virtue of resolves healing passive to make it even easier to stay alive by giving you a decent on demand regeneration.



Heal – Signet of Resolve

This passive is extremely useful because it will take a single condition off of you every ten seconds and it provides you with a powerful emergency heal as well.

Utility 1 – Signet of Wrath

This is a nice boost to your damage and a quick immobilizing ability if you are struggling with keeping up with or getting away from an enemy.

Utility 2 – “Save Yourselves!”

This is a good ability whether you are with a group or not. If you are you can take some of the damage off of them using it and if you are not you still get a huge range of boons applied to yourself for a short period of time.

Utility 3 – “Retreat!”

Retreat is pretty self-explanatory; it provides you with an escape route if you are at risk of being killed.

Elite – Renewed Focus

Pop this to stop damage for a few seconds and drop the cooldowns on your virtues as well.

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