Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build

by admin on December 8, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling BuildHere we have another decent PVE/Leveling build for the Elementalist in GW2. If you are looking for a decent build that uses the broad range of skills available with the Elementalist this should help you out.

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build

The build uses the Scepter and Focus to maximise fire based damage and you also get a fair few bleeding skills from the Earth attunement.

As well as that you get some good offensive and defensive skills that come from the Earth attunement that will make the Elementalist more durable.

Initially using the build the idea is to burn your enemy and then you can use the bleed from Stone Shards.

You also have decent healing with the Utility skills and they will grant you with 3 burn abilities which is what this build is all about.

Looking at the traits we have maxed out Fire and Earth, again adding to the burning aspect of the build but also trying to minimise the cool downs. The Earth traits will give you some utility to the signets picked and enhance bleed abilities.

Due to the nature of the Elementalist this is quite a difficult profession to play but this build should have you leveling fast with a solid build for fire damage and survival!

If you are looking for a complete leveling guides and builds for all professions check out our review of the Gw2 Domination Guide.

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